Time to Embrace the Suck

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Time to Embrace the Suck

How many times did you hear or say this during your time in the military?  Well, be ready, because as you transition from the military to the civilian world – you would be wise to remember this practice. The reality of figuring out what you want to do – find a purpose, go to school, get a job – can a challenge.

As you go through this process or mission, you will encounter a variety of obstacles or situations that can absolutely SUCK!

  1. Translating your military skills to civilian terminology
  2. Determining your next steps whether it be school or a career
  3. Searching for job openings that fit your interests and skills
  4. Different resumes and cover letters for various jobs
  5. Spending hours researching jobs you are interested in
  6. Interview practice over and over again
  7. Online applications that take you hours
  8. Job descriptions that don’t match the job
  9. Not knowing if you even qualify for a job based on the description
  10. No response after a job interview
  11. Difficulty finding a position if you need to relocate

These are just a few of the road blocks ahead, but all can be managed with the “Buck Up” attitude you so often had when you were in the service.

Time to “Improvise, Overcome and Adapt”.   Now let’s Move Out!

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