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Our New Public Service Announcement:

We aim to create a greater public awareness for the hiring of veterans.

“Our Veterans need jobs and careers when they come home. Every veteran brings a skill set to the workforce that the average citizen does not. These qualities make them a valuable asset to any organization, if given the opportunity.”
– Jack Wagner – Director, Pittsburgh Hires Veterans

At Pittsburgh Hires Veterans, we connect veterans and employers in the Pittsburgh region — free of charge.

Op-Ed Article in the Post-Gazette

Our Director, Jack Wagner, was published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on March 10th, with an op-ed article about putting a priority on hiring veterans. Click on the link below to read the full article.


Attending PA Farm Show

Pittsburgh Hires Veterans will be at this years 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show on Thursday January 12th for their Veterans, Military Personnel and Families Day.

Employment and agriculture go hand and hand in Pennsylvania; and veterans have the skill sets needed for this industry.   Please stop by and say hello. The events are from 9AM – 9PM.

How is agriculture connected to Veterans? “Veterans possess a variety of skills that are needed in the agriculture industry,” noted Secretary Redding. “…we are creating a conversation and a pathway to help veterans discover new occupational opportunities.”

The Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs are partnering for this years 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show.  Read the full article @  http://www.media.pa.gov/pages/Agriculture_details.aspx…


Pennsylvania is a worldwide leader in agriculture with many employment opportunities related to the industry.

From the “Snack Food Capital of the World”, to #1 in mushroom production and #1 in hardwood exports for the nation, and to the 2300 food-processing companies – about 1 in 7 jobs in PA are related to agriculture. Read more at http://www.agriculture.pa.gov/Pages/Pennsylvania-Agriculture.aspx

Next week is the 101st PA Farm Show with a Veterans, Military Personnel and Family Day! More details to follow.

For more details about jobs/careers in agriculture, contact us.

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Letter From Our Director Jack Wagner


 Poster (Letter Size)


Brochure for Veterans

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