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When you were in the military, you trained and assembled the necessary tools to complete any mission you were assigned. You were ready and able to serve our country and be part of a team.  If your unit faced an unforeseen obstacle, you adapted.  You focused on achieving the mission’s objective.

Now, you have a new mission – to successfully meet your own personal objectives in the civilian world.  Thanks to your military service, you already have so many of the skills needed – discipline, responsibility, flexibility, integrity, leadership, etc.  But, as with any new mission, you need to formulate a plan, train for the task, and assemble the right artillery.  You also need to rely on your fire team – those individuals who are going to support you and ensure that you succeed.

Pittsburgh Hires Veterans is here to be part of your team and  be your bridge to training, education and employment opportunities.  You are more than capable of accomplishing this mission.


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