Want to hire a veteran? Why should you hire a veteran?

Veterans, with their training, discipline, and dedication, can be valuable assets to your organization. 

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To join our list of employers seeking veterans as employees, please complete our New Employer Form and email it to us at info@pittsburghhiresveterans.com.

Click where it says New Employer Form above to download the form.


For employers we:

Provide information about the value of hiring veterans

Explain differences between military and civilian cultures

Train hiring managers

and provide specific candidate referrals.

We work with each available position on a one-to-one basis to understand the individual needs for that specific job opening and provide the most suitable matching candidates.

*While we may have several veterans available, we may not always have a match for each position.

We want employers to become part of the solution and hire a veteran to fulfill their employment needs.

Supporting our mission as a potential employer for veterans is entirely free. There are no staffing charges or fees for hiring a veteran. 

Check out the articles below for more detailed information about the proven benefits of hiring veterans.