Fire Team, Ready?

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Fire Team, Ready?

Who is your support network while you are job hunting?

Identifying your fire team (Support Network) is a very important first step when searching for a job. Your fire team are the ones who’ve got your six when you need it most. Whether in civilian or military life, we all need a fire team.

Your team will be there to support you:

  • emotionally when times get a little rough
  • mentally be providing new ideas and opportunities
  • by expanding your reach and increasing your contacts

Here are some ideas of who should be on your fire team?

  • Friends and Family are a key component to everyone’s fire team. They will be there for you if you “Hit the Wall”. Having a shoulder to lean on is crucial, because you need to be at your best and put your best self forward. Talking with family, friends, and other veterans can help boost you back up if you’ve had a bad run, and get you back in peek condition.
  • Job Support Groups are very helpful because they are recruits in the same boat as you. On the same mission, trudging through the mud waters of job hunting. While family and friends are vitally important, support groups understand what you are going through. They might also be able to introduce you to new opportunities.
  • Community Organizations you belong to – If you belong to other military or veteran organizations such as the VA,  American Legion,  VFW,  Team Red, White and Blue, and IAVA, they can help you network and support you on your journey. Members of these organizations have past experiences similar to you and can share their stories with you. If you are not a member you should consider joining, these veteran groups can be great for connecting and networking.
  • Employment Organizations (Such as us). Our mission is to work with you on finding and landing a job or your next career, as well as getting you education and training to support your career goals. PHV is free to all members and veterans of the U.S. military. We provide resume assistance, interview practice, networking assistance, and utilize our own network to find a job for you in your field.
  • Staffing AgenciesStaffing agencies can help you land something temporary or contract to hire and potentially full time employment. There are different types of staffing agencies, but we will get to that in a later article. Usually there is no cost, but something to be asked with each agency.


Now it’s time to pick your fire team, come up with a game plan, and get to work.


PHV Out.

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