Eyes On Target

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Eyes On Target

“Eyes on Target”

Once you have your target in sight (you have defined your mission and identified your goals as a civilian), keeping focused on them after transitioning to civilian life can be exhausting. Just like staring through the scope for hours upon hours waiting, waiting, and more waiting for the perfect shot. Your patience running so thin until you’re tempted to give up.


During this time, patience is the most important thing to keep your eyes on the prize. Finding the perfect job takes time, and this is one of the obstacles we discuss in our “Embrace the Suck” article. Patience is important not just after you find the job, and apply, but also while you await the company’s response. There may be a large number of applicants, or the HR process can be very in depth depending on the type of job to which you are applying. All of this can add time to your overall job search, and wear a little more on your patience.


It’s natural for people to panic and feel stressed while job searching, trying to get into a training program or back into school, but it doesn’t help the situation. In today’s society, it’s almost impossible to think you should relax during this process. But you know the accuracy rate for hitting your target is much better when you are relaxed and calm. To keep yourself focused, reach out to your fire-team for support and assistance if needed. Staying relaxed is vital. Stress can manifest in so many ways. In your tone of voice in an interview as either desperation or frustration or even both. Neither of which come across great to an interviewer. It can interfere with your sleep and then you run the risk of not being at your best mentally. Stress can affect your overall health and deplete your energy much faster than you might think.  Relax a bit by doing things you enjoy. Whether it be a hobby, spending more time with friends and the people you love, perhaps scratching something off that forever long to-do list.


Keep reminding yourself that the perfect opportunity is out there and you are doing all you can to capture it. Staying patient and relaxed will guarantee you keep your eyes on target and hit with accuracy.


PHV Out.

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