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Eyes On Target

“Eyes on Target” Once you have your target in sight (you have defined your mission and identified your goals as a civilian), keeping focused on them after transitioning to civilian life can be exhausting. Just like staring through the scope for hours upon hours waiting, waiting, and more waiting for the perfect shot. Your patience

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Fire Team, Ready?

Who is your support network while you are job hunting? Identifying your fire team (Support Network) is a very important first step when searching for a job. Your fire team are the ones who’ve got your six when you need it most. Whether in civilian or military life, we all need a fire team. Your

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Time to Embrace the Suck

How many times did you hear or say this during your time in the military?  Well, be ready, because as you transition from the military to the civilian world – you would be wise to remember this practice. The reality of figuring out what you want to do – find a purpose, go to school,

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When you were in the military, you trained and assembled the necessary tools to complete any mission you were assigned. You were ready and able to serve our country and be part of a team.  If your unit faced an unforeseen obstacle, you adapted.  You focused on achieving the mission’s objective. Now, you have a

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